ACLU People Power

Justice First

Join our campaign to put Washington's elected officials at the forefront of ending mass incarceration and transforming America's criminal justice system.

Make Justice Priority #1

The United States imprisons people at a level unmatched anywhere in the world—incarcerating too many people for too long and often for the wrong reasons. This destabilizes hundreds of thousands of American families and economically harms them and their communities. However, our addiction to incarceration does not touch all families and communities equally:

  • At the close of 2016, black men were imprisoned at more than five times the rate of white men. Black women were imprisoned at double the rate of white women.
  • People are trapped in jails because they are too poor to make bail or pay fees and fines.
  • People suffering from substance abuse and mental illness are warehoused in prisons instead of receiving treatment.
  • People who could be supervised in their communities serve long sentences that hurt their chances of successful rehabilitation and reentry into society.

People Power activists will work to transform the criminal justice system in Washington by identifying the stances of elected officials and candidates and advocating for fair and just policies. We will learn more about legislation that lawmakers should support and how to engage with candidates directly to promote fair and effective alternatives to mass incarceration. By the next legislative session, we’ll be prepared to change Washington’s criminal justice system in ways that significantly and meaningfully improve people’s lives.

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